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XPERTA 20, 25, 35 and 45

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New Correa XPERTA 20, 25, 35 and 45 machines all EX STOCK and available for sale:

These machines are built and ready to go.

X: 2.000, 2.500, 3.500, 4.500 mm
Z: 1.000 mm
Y: 1.000  mm

With manual or automatic indexing milling head (2,5º x 2,5º , 3.000 rpm continuously, 4.000 rpm 20 in an hour cycle) 



    The machines have
    a great reputation
    for reliability and for providing excellent machining results and these factors were amongst many that persuaded us to go down the DTS (UK) Ltd / Correanayak route

    CMS Cepcor 

    I think when you
    look at the Johnford SV41 VMC compared to the competition - it is very apparent that the Johnford machine has been built to last.

    Pure Medium CNC 

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