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  • 11 July 2016
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DTS DEALS on Correa

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As a subcontract machining business that produces mould tooling for the automotive industry, Pure Medium CNC Ltd has now invested in a Johnford vertical machining centre from Chorley based Design & Technical Services (DTS).  
Manufacturing press tools and components in anything from polystyrene and aluminium through to hardened tool steel, the Nuneaton subcontractor needed a robust machine tool that would give it an impeccable surface finish on hard materials. 
As Pure Medium CNC's Keith Drewitt says: "The reason we bought the machine is because it is a good, solid and robust machine. We cut a lot of hard materials and the surface finish has to be good, so a rigid platform is a necessity. Our press tools are rough machined, then pre-finish and finally finish machined on the Johnford to a very high quality surface finish. Furthermore, we are machining our tools to within 0.15mm tolerance, which is particularly tight over the dimensions of a large press tool."
The  Johford SV-41 vertical machining centre will spend upwards of 30 hours machining some mould tool parts and the rigid platform is helping the Midlands company to improve tool life, productivity and surface finishes.
"The rigidity of the Johnford machine allows us to eliminate any hand-finishing that we may have done as its rigidity delivers exceptional surface finishes. This reduces any secondary finishing tasks that may have previously occurred."
The flexible and user friendly machine that is offered by DTS has a spacious work envelope of 1050mm by 610mm by 610mm in the X, Y and Z axes and it is supplied as standard with a powerful 10,000rpm spindle and 24 station tool changer. For further details on how this machine can improve your productivity and surface finishes when cutting hard materials, give DTS a call.

In-keeping with the nature of this very fluid industry we live and breath, DTS is pleased to announce that currently there are deals on new machines available for sale from Correa. The machines include the popular VH-Plus and the Performer MG. Going through build at the moment, there are several bed mills, column mills and gantry style machines being offered with very attractive discounts. As the UK distributor for Correa DTS is currently in a position to deliver and install these machines within a matter of weeks. Please contact Alistair for more information on machines available and pricing.. 07760 661593