Prodesign 5 Axis CNC Machines

LU-400 / LU-620 / LU-800 / LU-1200
At DTS UK Ltd, we are proud to supply the Litz LU series of Prodesign 5 Axis CNC machines. This innovative machine reduces the time taken to cut complicated and precise parts for the medical, oil & gas, and aerospace industries. With these machines, you can look forward to improved speed, smoothness, and dimensional consistency. Plus, it boasts the greatest cost-per-part.

How Does the Prodesign 5 Axis CNC Machine Work?

If you're unsure if the Prodesign 5 Axis CNC machine is the right choice for your requirements, let us explain how it works. The five-axis refers to the movements the cutting tool can make. The cutting tools move across X, Y, and Z linear axes and rotate on A and B axes; this is where the five comes from. It also means that the tools can access the workpiece from any direction.

Why Choose the Prodesign 5 Axis CNC Machine?

The LU series is designed for a highly efficient production mindset and is equipped with a high-performance control system and high-speed control capabilities. With a highly dynamic performance for producing complex workpieces, creating materials is quick and easy. Due to how they are designed, our Prodesign 5-axis CNC machines can produce exact and intricate parts in just one setup. Doing so significantly reduces machining times, giving a fantastic price-to-performance ratio.

Learn More About Prodesign 5 Axis CNC Machines

Ready to order your Prodesign 5-axis CNC machine? Browse our selection of Prodesign 5-axis CNC machines from Johnford here to find the right fit for your requirements. If you’re unsure which is the best option for your needs, don’t hesitate to contact our expert team for further information and advice. Alternatively, explore more high-quality Prodesign machines available from DTS UK.


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