Geminis CNC Horizontal Lathe Machines

Under the trademark of the prestigious market leader GEMINIS, we develop horizontal and multiprocess CNC and Axle Turning Lathes of the highest technology. Lathe machines are machine tools that rotate a workpiece around an axis to perform turning, drilling, among other actions. Lathes are used across industries to produce a wide variety of parts, including but not limited to the automotive industry, railway industry, oil & gas industry, power generation industry, and the naval industry.

Features of Horizontal Lathes

In a horizontal lathe, the workpiece is mounted onto a horizontal axis and rotated against a cutting tool to shape the part. Horizontal CNC Lathe Machines offer high rigidity and shock resistance, easy adjustments, rotation precision, and precision retention. CNC lathes are computer-controlled lathes that help automate the process of working from programmed designs.

Horizontal CNC Lathe Machines

At DTS UK Ltd, we offer manufacturing and engineering companies customised solutions for high specialisation technologies in various industries. We have a variety of CNC flatbed Gemini lathes that can provide a range of solutions. These include:

  • The GT i rangeGT i range for Horizontal Lathe
  • The GM Range for Multi-Process Lathes
  • The GR3-W for wheel hub boring.
  • The GR5-S and GR7-S created especially for wheelset machining
  • The GR5-A Horizontal Lathe for axle machining.

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Why Choose DTS?

If you are looking for a company with years of industry experience and extensive knowledge surrounding machine tools, our DTS team is happy to help.

Lathe Machine FAQs

What is the Difference Between a Horizontal and a Vertical Lathe?

Horizontal lathes have a main spindle that is oriented horizontally in which the machinist works the material in a side-to-side motion. Conversely, vertical lathes have main spindles that are oriented vertically and must be operated up and down.

What can you Machine with a Lathe?

Standard materials such as wood, metal, and plastics can be used in a lathe. Some objects you can produce using a lathe include:

  • Cue Sticks
  • Musical Instruments
  • Crankshafts
  • Candlesticks

How do I Choose the Right Lathe?

To choose the correct lathe, you must identify the purpose of the CNC machine. Consider the type of material you will be machining, the output required, and the jobs you will perform; this will help you determine the spindle bore, centre height, and motor power required.

4. Innovation and Adaptability:

Beyond their traditional functionalities, CMZ lathes are equipped with the latest technological advancements, continually evolving to meet the demands of modern machining. The adaptability and innovative features embedded in these lathes ensure faster and more efficient operations, keeping pace with the ever-changing landscape of manufacturing.

5. Maintenance and Support:

These lathes are not just high-performing during operation but are also designed for easy maintenance. CMZ and our team at DTS UK provide expert maintenance support to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of these machines. Our commitment extends beyond delivering the machines. We offer continuous support to maintain their functionality and efficiency, thereby enhancing your overall operational success.

Get in Touch: Expert Support for CMZ Lathes

At DTS UK, we prioritise our expert customer support and assistance for all your inquiries regarding CMZ lathes. Our knowledgeable team is readily available to address your questions, provide comprehensive information, and offer tailored advice that aligns with your business and machining requirements. Whether you seek guidance on choosing the right CMZ lathe for your industry or require detailed technical insights, our team is dedicated to assisting you every step of the way. Learn more about our services today, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team for more advice and information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What industries are CMZ lathes suitable for?

CMZ lathes cater to a broad spectrum of industries, including aerospace, automotive, energy, and general manufacturing. Their adaptability makes them suitable for both small-scale operations and heavy-duty industrial applications.

How do CMZ slant bed lathes contribute to workspace efficiency?

CMZ slant bed lathes facilitate efficient chip evacuation, maintaining a cleaner workspace. The slanted configuration ensures that chips and material off-cuts are swiftly directed into the chip bed during machining, reducing cleanup time and enhancing safety.

What maintenance services do you provide for CMZ lathes?

We offer expert maintenance services to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your CMZ lathe. Our services include routine inspections, preventive maintenance, and prompt support for any technical issues that may arise.

Can I get assistance in choosing the right CMZ lathe for my specific needs?

Absolutely. Our expert team is ready to assist you in selecting the most suitable CMZ lathe for your industry and machining requirements. Contact us with your specifications, and we will provide tailored advice to meet your unique needs.

Repairs and Maintenance

Servicing is a major part of our business, we respond to all engineers requirements however great or small. With a dedicated team of over 20 engineers on the road, we pride ourselves in the ability to manage installations, removals, repairs and training.