Correa Flat Bed Milling Machines

At DTS UK Ltd, we supply a range of Correa Flat Bed Milling Machines, which offer unbeatable precision and flexibility. By placing the worktable directly onto the bed, flat bed milling machines provide a sturdy workspace, making them capable of many different applications. From the Correa Norma Milling Machines to the Correa Xperta Bed Milling Machine, find out more about the Correa Flat Bed Milling Machine range today.

Key Features of the Correa Flat Bed Milling Machine Range

  • High Precision
  • Lateral Ram Machine
  • Mechanical Ram Droop Correction System
  • Automatic Universal Head
  • L-shaped Ram Guides

We have an extensive range available, suitable for a wide range of industries. If you are unsure or do not find what you are looking for, please contact us for a full brochure.


What is a Flat Bed Milling Machine?

What sets a flat bed milling machine apart from other types of milling machines is the unique way a workpiece is mounted. With a bed milling machine, the workpiece is mounted onto a flat horizontal bed with the spindle placed horizontally. The spindle moves along the bed in an X-axis direction to create the end product.

As the spindle works horizontally, workpieces can be carefully crafted with this added stability. The flat bed milling machine design offers a more uniform distribution of cutting forces and leads to unmatched precision.

Features of Correa Flat Bed Milling Machines

The Correa Bed Milling Machine range features various flat bed milling machines with lateral rams that provide high sturdiness and robustness from the L-shaped ram guide system. These features make the Norma and Xperta machines extremely high precision. With the addition of a mechanical ram droop correction system, these milling machines work to ensure consistent accuracy making them suitable for machining and finishing operations.

Known for their sturdy construction, Correa Flat Bed Milling Machines are crafted from high-quality materials, providing a stable work environment in which your workpiece can be placed. This contributes to the unbeatable accuracy of these machines and allows you to create identical products over and over again.

If you are looking for a bed milling machine that also offers circular milling, the Norma MG features a rotating plate, which provides added flexibility. No matter what product you need to create, the Norma MG can produce just about anything!

Why Choose Correa Bed Milling Machines?

As leaders in the milling industry, Nicolás Correa Group is known for the robust construction of their milling machines, offering you machinery that will last. With meticulously designed features to ensure precise milling and integration with advanced control systems, it is easy to see why many industries choose Correa for their milling machines.

The Correa Flat Bed Milling Machine range is no different. Its sturdy construction, paired with a flat bed design and advanced control systems, allows workpieces to be milled to the highest degree of accuracy. But milling isn’t the only form of machining operations these machines boast. From milling to drilling, boring and tapping, a flat bed milling machine is capable of performing numerous machining operations to a high standard. Experience exceptional flat bed milling from the Correa Bed Milling Machine range today.

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Does a Correa Flat Bed Milling Machine sound like the machine for your business? Contact us today for more information about our range! We also have an extensive range of collections available from CMZ to Geminis, so you can explore a range of machinery all in one place. If you want more guidance or cannot find what you are looking for, contact us today and we will be happy to provide you with advice and more information.

Correa Flat Bed Milling Machines FAQs

What is a bed milling machine?

A bed milling machine uses a flat horizontal bed to mount workpieces, providing greater stability and enabling the creation of more accurate and precise products. Unlike other milling machines, the spindle works horizontally and operates on the X-axis. This not only adds to the stability of the machine but also crafts end products that can be replicated with ease.

What is the difference between turret milling and bed milling?

The main difference between these two forms of milling machines is turret milling operates on a vertical axis, whereas bed milling uses a horizontal axis. This affects the performance of a milling machine depending on the application.

For example, flat bed milling machines are ideal for large and heavy-duty workpieces as they offer increased stability. However, due to their vertical milling orientation, turret milling machines are more suitable for processes that require deep cutting.

If you need help choosing the right type of milling machine for your business, get in touch with us today and our experts will offer you guidance.

What is the difference between the Correa Norma Bed Milling Machine and the Correa Xperta Bed Milling Machine?

The key difference between the different bed milling machines in the Correa range is the features they offer. The Correa Norma Bed Milling Machine offers a standard option for those who require a more basic machine, whereas the Correa Xperta provides a more enhanced performance.

Although both flat bed milling machines offer the same features, the Correa Xperta is the ideal choice for businesses that require a greater level of precision and accuracy. With the addition of more advanced control systems and design elements, the Correa Xperta can offer more flexibility when crafting workpieces.

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