Correa Travelling Column Milling Machine

DTS UK Ltd supplies a range of Correa Travelling Column Milling Machine Tools to several industries that require machining assistance. Designed for heavy machining parts, travelling column milling machines utilise a rigid bed design. The column moves on two horizontal axes, while the milling tool moves on multiple axes. You are most likely to see Travelling Column Milling Machines in the automotive, aerospace, defence, energy and oil industries.

Pure Box-In-Box Concept Milling Machining

These machines are within the ranges that represent a pure box-in-box concept. The MAGNA combines two mechanical systems that compensate for ram droop and frame tipping, providing a fantastic chip removal capacity. The AXIA combines its ram droop system with a unique guiding system.

New Concept of Mobile Column Machining

Both the FENIX and the NORMA L column machines have been designed with a lateral ram. These L-guided rams ensure the robustness and longevity of the machines.

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