Prodesign Vertical Milling Machines

DMC / JET / SV Heavy Duty / VMC Series

DTS UK Ltd are the chosen supplier of Johnford’s vertical milling machining centers which are a combination of speed, rigidity and precision in a box way geared head package.

Vertical Milling Machine Features

Positioning the workpiece on a vertical spindle, the tools come from the tool holder and cut across the top of the workpiece. These C frame machines feature solid heavily ribbed Meehanite cast iron eliminating vibration and ensuring excellent surface finishes and long cutting tool life which separate them as a CNC vertical milling machine.

Why Choose a Vertical Milling Machine

Four oversized box ways fully support the machine’s saddle and work table delivering outstanding X axis accuracy over the full travel range of the machine. This is critical when machining heavy workpieces to avoid deflection and is a key factor in maintaining part accuracy and precision. All sliding surface areas and gibs are coated with Turcite-B and hand-scraped for perfect fit and alignment.

Precision guaranteed with our Vertical Milling Machines

Optimum alignment of the motor and gearbox ensures no offset and guarantees steady smooth movement of the headstock along the Z axis. This design significantly reduces torsion on the headstock and ensures optimum rigidity, long term accuracy and repeatability. Large diameter pre-tensioned ballscrews have a double-nut preloaded design eliminating the potential thermal growth and promote high accuracy and high-speed positioning for this range vertical machining centers.

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Repairs and Maintenance

Servicing is a major part of our business, we respond to all engineers requirements however great or small. With a dedicated team of over 20 engineers on the road, we pride ourselves in the ability to manage installations, removals, repairs and training.