Correa Versa M Gantry Milling Machine

The VERSA M represents the concept of a high performance Gantry machine.
Its structural design and thermal symmetry permit the machining of large parts while maintaining high dynamics and chip removal.

Longitudinal X axis 9.500 - 30.500m
Automatic Universal Head
Cross Y axis 4.000 / 4.500 / 5.000 / 6.000 / 7.000
Numerical control Heidenhain or Siemens (Operate HMI)
Vertical Z axis 1.000 / 1.250 / 1.500 / 2.000
Portable handwheel
Air-conditioned electrical cabinet
Linear guides in the X, Y and Z axes
Lamp in the working area
Hydraulic and cooling group
Linear scales in all axes
External Coolant with adjustable nozzles
Internal and external air flow