CMZ Lathes

If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient CMZ lathe machine, then look no further than our collection at DTS UK. We are trusted suppliers offering a range of different models and machines to suit your needs. Plus, we offer an expert maintenance service that ensures your CMZ lathe continues working at top performance for years to come.

What is a CMZ Lathe Machine?

CMZ lathes are very stable, powerful machines, they come in various sizes and offer engineers a perfect platform for machining a whole host of parts.

Why choose a CMZ slant bed lathe?

Not only do CMZ slant bed lathes offer fast and efficient work that promises unparalleled accuracy, but they also make keeping your workspace neat and tidy much easier. With their slanted configuration, you can look forward to a better chip evacuation like never before. Chips and doff-cuts of material are quickly caught and swept away into the chip bed during the machining process, meaning you don’t have to search and clean up loose chips causing health and safety hazards.

Find Out More

If you are in need of assistance when browsing our CMZ Lathes and have further questions, please get in touch with our expert team, who will be happy to help. We can answer all of your queries and offer information and advice that relates to your business and needs.

Alternatively, find out more about how a lathe machine works and how to choose the right type for your industry today.


Repairs and Maintenance

Servicing is a major part of our business, we respond to all engineers requirements however great or small. With a dedicated team of over 20 engineers on the road, we pride ourselves in the ability to manage installations, removals, repairs and training.