Prodesign CNC Turning Machines

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DTS UK LTD is the chosen supplier of Johnford lathes. Prodesign metal lathes are designed to meet today’s needs and future requirements. Johnford is known for its metal turning lathes, and Prodesign metal turning lathes live up to their well-earned reputation. These horizontal turning centers give you the very finest in turning technology.

Why Choose CNC Metal Turning Lathes

With horizontal turning centers, the spindle is positioned in a horizontal orientation. This means gravity pulls away chips from the workpiece and the chips do not need to be cleared during work. It demonstrates the efficiency of CNC machining at its best - minimal disruptions and maximum productivity.

The Benefits of Prodesign CNC Turning Machines

Rugged construction assures optimum rigidity and stability for years of reliable and trouble-free operation. Furthermore, these machines offer turning accuracy and efficiency that go beyond the ordinary turning lathe. A Prodesign CNC lathe can be a valuable investment, helping you to achieve more profitable operations. Johnford’s CNC lathes offer an outstanding technology experience. Achieve mass production and reduced costs with one of our Prodesign CNC turning machines.

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Improve your metal turning process with efficiency and accurate machining from a Prodesign lathe. Discuss what a Prodesign CNC turning machine can do for your business - speak with our experts.


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Prodesign CNC Turning Machine FAQ

What is the difference between a CNC lathe and a CNC turning machine?

CNC turning machines deliver everything you expect from a CNC lathe, plus a few extras such as automated tool changing and live rotating tools. Think of turning machines as an upgraded lathe. CNC lathes and Turning machines fulfil similar roles and can complete similar processes. Both CNC lathes and turning machines spin material whilst cutting and are automated. Therefore, the difference between the two is not immediately obvious.

Which industries can benefit from using Prodesign CNC Turning Machines?

CNC lathes and turning machines are used in the manufacturing of components for the automotive, aerospace, and engineering sectors. They also have broader uses in industries such as electronics, defence, and healthcare.

How do I choose the best lathe for my needs?

To select the best lathe for your needs, consider factors like your project size, material type, and complexity. Additionally, factor in your budget, available space, and any future expansion plans. Speak with the DTS team to discuss your requirements and receive expert recommendations.

Repairs and Maintenance

Servicing is a major part of our business, we respond to all engineers requirements however great or small. With a dedicated team of over 20 engineers on the road, we pride ourselves in the ability to manage installations, removals, repairs and training.