CMZ TA Series

The CMZ TA Series offer a range of CNC machines that come in various configurations to enable you to get the most out of your CNC machines. Incorporating turrets with in-built motors, integrated oil-cooled spindles and automation from the GL20 II Gantry Robot, a CMZ CNC lathe is the epitome of innovation from CMZ. Learn more about the features of the CMZ TA Series and what sets it apart from other CNC lathes on the market.

Key Features

  • High Precision
  • Multiple Configuration Options
  • Turret with a Built-in Motor
  • Cooled with Oil
  • Effective Tool Change Times
  • Compatible with Automation Software
Chuck size 150mm-315 mm models
Turning length models 400mm, 640 mm, 1100 mm
2 axis, mill drill, Y axis, sub spindles models available
Driven tool power 11.3 kw / 12,000 rpm.
Y axis stroke 120 mm

The CMZ TA Series in a Nutshell

The CMZ TA Series has a range of models (Z400, Z640 and Z1100) to suit all your needs. Each model has a different bed length to accommodate various sizes of workpieces. Specifically, the z-axis ranges from 400mm to 1100mm, depending on the model.

With a powerful 12,000 rpm spindle, a CMZ lathe can handle heavy-duty applications easily thanks to its turrets with in-built motors. The non-lift turret disk also has the ability to clamp and unclamp when moving to and from the workpiece. This allows for effective tool change times of up to 0.2 seconds.

The oil-cooling process provides increased longevity to your CMZ CNC lathe. With greater thermal stability and increased accuracy, the integrated oil-cooled spindles ensure the lathe produces products with high precision, elevating the efficiency of your work process and reducing any wear and tear on the tools.

The CMZ TA Series also utilised slant beds. This aids with chip disposal and enhances the rigidity and stability of the bed during machining operations.

Transform Your Processes with Automation

One of the key features of the CMZ TA Series is the ability to integrate automation software. Specifically, the GL 20II Gantry Robot loader/unloader (also manufactured by CMZ) can automate short and long batches of work. Its easy-to-use programming system allows you to automate processes easily, meaning employees will not have to watch over the whole process manually. This allows for resources to be utilised elsewhere, increasing the productivity of the whole process.

Applications of the CMZ Lathe

Polygon Turning

Flat planes are created through the synchronised rotation of a spindle and live tool to produce non-circular forms. With the addition of a specialist tool, your CMZ CNC lathe can easily perform this operation. This process can create hexagonal bolt heads and flat planes.

Oscillation Cutting

To ensure the integrity of your finished workpiece as well as maintain productivity and employee safety, oscillation cutting can enable chip breakage, reducing the long-stranded chips that you may find during constant cutting operations. This reduces the need for the stop and start of processes to clean up lathes.

Automation of Loading Clamping Fixtures

Clamping fixtures can be used to load our CMZ slant bed lathe machines to increase the productivity of processes. This automated process ensures a smooth and continuous process, allowing for an increased output of finished workpieces.

Automation of Machining Shafts

Machining shafts can be easily transported from a storage area to the workstation with the use of the GL 20II Gantry loader system. When combined with the WS700 workstocker from CMZ, you can experience complete automation, allowing you to leave your CMZ lathe unmanned.

Choosing the Right CMZ TA Series CNC Lathe for Your Business

There are three different CNC lathes in the CMZ TA Series that come in multiple configurations. The main differences between each of these CMZ slant bed lathes are the z-axis travel and additional attachments. For example, the Z400 has a z-axis travel of 400mm, and is compatible with the Gantry Robot and tailstock but there is no subspindle option for this particular model. However, the Z640 has a subspindle option plus a 640mm z-axis travel and is compatible with a Gantry Robot and tailstock.

By accounting for the types and sizes of products you will be creating and the compatibility with other machinery, you can find the right CMZ CNC lathe for your business. If you need further guidance on which CNC lathe is best suited for your business, contact us today and one of our experts will be happy to help.

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Do you install the CMZ lathe?

At DTS, we are with you every step of the way. From helping you choose the right CNC lathe for your business to installing and training your staff, we guide you through the whole process to ensure you are fully equipped to use your new CMZ lathe to its full potential.

Can the CMZ CNC lathe be integrated with automation software?

Automation can transform the way a business works. That’s why the CMZ TA Series is compatible with automation machinery, such as the Gantry Robot, to streamline your production process, increasing efficiency and productivity.

What makes a CMZ lathe different?

The CMZ slant bed lathe boasts features such as a turret with a built-in motor, oil-cooling and compatibility with automation machinery, making it one of the most innovative CNC lathes on the market currently. The three models in the TA series allow you to choose the size that works for you without having to compromise on spindle speeds and turning diameters. The flexibility of the CMZ lathe makes it easily customisable to your business’s needs.