CMZ TD Series

There is a machine for each type of machining. Those looking for a highly accurate and reliable high precision CNC lathe have a wide range of possibilities in the TD Z800-Z3200 Series. This product range joins the smaller size lathes of the TA Series, offering a CNC lathe that allows multiple configuration options, always adapted to the demands and particularities of each production process. All models have a turret with a built-in motor offering 12,000 rpm driven tools, cooled with oil. Machining times are reduced thanks to the integrated spindles. Laser compensation is also a standard feature on all TD Z800-Z1350 Series machines. The automation of both short and long batches is possible with the GL20 and GL100 Gantry robots, that will lift up to 100 kg. Delve into the TD Z800-Z1350 Series and find the high precision CNC lathe you are looking for.

Chuck size 150mm-500 mm dia. models
Turning length 800mm, 1150 mm, 2200 mm, 3200mm
2 axis, mill drill, Y axis, sub spindles models available
Driven tool power 11.3 kW (14.7 kW (model dependant|) / 12,000 rpm
Y axis stroke 140 mm