CMZ TTL Series

Twin-Spindle CNC Lathe. A star has been born: the TTL SERIES, machines designed for high production and bar turning. CMZ expands its range of multiturret machines. Next generation of twin-Spindle CNC Lathes.

24 positions turret with hydraulic clamping. The TTL Series twin-spindle CNC lathes, have turrets hydraulically clamped with curvic couplings for accurate indexing and rigidity. The turret has two motors. The first one is used for indexing the turret (indexing time 30º in 170 ms). The second one is an integrated motor which drives the live tooling at 14 kW, 42 Nm and 12000 rpm. The turret is fully cooled with oil, allowing continuous work at 12000 rpm with this twin-spindle CNC lathe for bar turning.

Twin spindle/Twin turret machines
52 mm, 66 mm dia bar capacity
Y axis stroke 90 mm
Driven tool power 14.0 kW/12,000 rpm
Built in Tailstock (optional)